Outer Rim Adventures

Arrival at Cholganna

On board their, as yet unnamed, ship our heroes question IT-3PO about his knowledge of the Sa Nalaor and it’s whereabouts. It becomes clear that IT3 isn’t being wholy truthful and some computer wizardry from R2-C4 quickly unlocks some programming that reveals IT3 belongs to Captain Harsol rather than Reom’s father Ropok as originally believed.

The crew head to Cholganna and exit hyperspace to find themselves in a nebula dust storm AND an asteroid field. After some panicked flying and systems tweaking the crew are somewhat embarrassed the find the “asteroid field” is actually no more than three asteroids. Some sensor tweaking quickly allows them to find a way out of the dust storm and the forest planet of Cholganna is quickly in sight.

Ten hours of sensor scans reveal a 60km debris field and what looks like an escape pod landing site. Kol-Blah lands the ship and the gang investigate the escape pod first. Racket Stump is constantly on the look out for the fearsome Nexu which inhabit the planet and his fear of encountering one is driving him mad as he constantly sniffs the air and surveys his surroundings.

Upon arrival at the escape pod, labelled “34 Besh”, they find it swarmed and inhabited by hundreds of tiny green flying insects which R2-C4 distracts whilst the crew fire at them and Loxus Vakallon makes his way to the escape pod. Once inside a botched attempt to remove the escape pods logs causes some minor damage to the files but the crew are able to extract them for later access aboard their own ship.

Whilst on their way back to their ship a Nexu pounces from the foliage above and attempts to grasp Racket in its jaws. A gruelling battle ensues as Racket immediately insults the Nexu by punching it’s genitals! Veloor Tessan pleads with her associates to attempt to stun the Nexu to capture it and sell it at a later date but things become desperate when the Nexu takes a vicious bite at Kol-Blah’s arm, seriously wounding him and knocking him unconscious. Veloor throws Racket at the Nexu’s head but the creature throws him off and is poised to attack Racket when Veloor knocks it unconscious with a well aimed stun shot from her blaster.

The crew carry the incapacitated Nexu back to their cargo hold and cage it before unsuccessfully attempting to heal Kol’Blah’s wounds.



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