The Sa Nalaor


The Facts

The Sal Nalaor is a Munificent Class Star Frigate (better known as the Banking Clan frigate). The ship is named after Sa Nalaor, former president of the Hyperbank Conglomerate. He was notorious for using financial or legal finagling for military or tactical gain at the start of the Clone Wars. He was infamous for his tactics, such as repossessing the defence fleet of a remote mining station several weeks into the Clone Wars. A month later, the CIS used exactly the same fleet to invade and take control of the station.

The Rumours

The Sa Nalaor is a legendary treasure story told at cantinas and bars across the Outer Rim. A Munificent Class Star Frigate that went missing following the Clone Wars said to hold all sorts of secrets from valuable technology and thousands of credits, to long lost Seperatist fighters and technicians.

The Sa Nalaor was definitely real but how, why and if it really disappeared depend entirely on who you ask and how willing they are to share that information.

The Sa Nalaor? Well, now that’s going back a bit. There was a time when every treasure hunter in the Outer Rim was out there looking for that long-lost Separatist flying vault. While the truth and the Sa Nalaor rarely seem to go together, one thing’s for sure: the Sa Nalaor’s infamous for disappearing.
Here’s one version of the story, and it might even be true: at the end of the Clone Wars, a Seperatist captain loaded up his ship with every credit and ingot he could fit. When the Separatist movement collapsed, off he went. He made a mad dash up the Perlemian Trade Route and took along the best cybertechs in the galaxy.
Well, the Imperials wouldn’t have any of that. Maybe they feared a new cyber war or Outer Rim warlord, but it’s more likely they thought they were just hunting down yet another fleeing Seperatist commander. In any case, the Imperials chased them up the Perlemian Trade Route.
The Sa Nalaor must have had a jittery hyperdrive, because we’ve got tales of skirmishes all the way to the Outer Rim. Right when the Imperials were about to blow the ship to pieces — BAM! The ship disappeared in one last hyperspace jump. That was it. No one’s seen it since.
Some the ship simply disappeared in a hyperspace mishap. Others report sightings out in deep space, believing the ship might be lost between the stars. Every so often, someone reports debris on a remote Outer Rim planet. Problem is, there were so many Seperatist ships fighting during the war – and scattering afterwards – that there’s a lot of lost ships to find. So, you might find something if you want to look hard enough. Just no the Sa Nalaor. At least, not yet.
- Grinner

The Sa Nalaor

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