The Yiyar Clan


The Yiyar are a small Rodian clan whose members moved offworld from Rodia decades ago. Among the clan’s operations is Yiyar Salvage. Comprised of salvage crews and support craft, the corporation moves between salvage sites, stripping metal and parts from any wrecks it can find and selling them to buyers and scrap yards.

With millennia of warfare waged throughout the galaxy, there is no shortage of battlefields and shipwrecks holding valuable goods and technology to find and sell. Scavenging in the isolation of space is dangerous, due both to the poor condition of the craft and to competitors. The Yiyar are highly aggressive by nature, and that extends to pursuit of their targets. Their extended isolation on long trips, combined with Yiyar clan traditions, make them among the most difficult Rodians to deal with in civilized settings. Either the rules don’t seem to apply to them, or they’re altogether unaware of them. Other Rodians, including hardened bounty hunters, find them embarrassing. The Yiyar generally avoid the bounty hunter profession, which most Rodians hold in very high regard.

At The Wheel Yiyar Salvage rents and operates a cargo bay that they use as a distribution center for equipment and parts shipped elsewhere in the galaxy. They are aggressively expanding their sales operations beyond the scrap yards. They recently started holding auctions at the cargo bay as well as selling items directly to merchants and mechanics at the Wheel. Their own patrons generally dislike them but remain paying customers thanks to low prices.

Yiyar Salvage is owned and dominated by the Yiyar clan, but the company incorporates non-Rodian crew, associates and allies as well. Yav Yiyar oversees the Wheel operations and advance scouting missions. To improve their return on salvaged technical parts Yav extended operations into custom and black market technology sales a few years ago. Yiyar’s threatening and belligerent style, combined with his company’s cut-rate prices, ignited a feud between Yiyar Salvage and the long-established tech operation IsoTech. Confrontations between the two are always heated, and they often turn violent in deep space or otherwise out of sight of the authorities.

The Yiyar Clan

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