Outer Rim Adventures

Discovery Of The Sa Nalaor

With their captured Nexu safely stowed in the cargo hold R2-C4 was able to heal the wounds to Kol-Blah’s arm before the group headed out to the North along the rivers edge towards the debris field they found during their previous scans. Up stream they discovered a large dam which turned out to be the aft engine section of a large Banking Clan frigate.

With much difficult and team work the group was able to scale the outside of the hull and find themselves at the southern tip of a large lake which had formed behind the unintentional dam. The water was perfectly clear and pieces of a ship’s hull could be clearly seen beneath the surface. As the group moved North they were ambushed by a group of Arboreal Octopi’ though these were quickly despatched in an encounter that left Racket Stump and R2-C4 covered in dark blue “gloop” which one can only assume was the creatures blood.

As the group turned east they saw a large hill that was in fact the crashed remains of The Sa Nalaor hull and bridge section! An abandoned encampment was found nearby with a group of graves though the huts looked disused for a number of years. The group ventured inside and looked around the ship. Loxus took the lead and scouted ahead where he found the bridge completely stripped and salvaged of all items other than one lone holoprojector which replayed the final moments of the ship as it crashed to it’s final resting place here on Cholganna.

Further exploration of the ship saw the group encounter three “Cyber-Nexu”. Creatures that looked to have been enhanced by Cratala, judging from the cybernetic changes that had been made to their physiology. IT-3PO quickly disappeared and the group pleaded and shouted for Cratala to calm the creatures down if she was nearby but this seemed to have no effect. Veloor Tessan continued her exploits from the previous encounter as he effortlessly sent one Nexu running for it’s life. The next one, which appeared to be the leader of the pack, was whittled down before R2-C4 was able to deal the killing blow (yes, you read that correctly)! The group rallied to fight off the last of these fearsome creatures but not before it was able to seriously and critically wound Racket and knock him unconscious.

Following the encounter R2-C4 attempted to salvage some of the cybernetic enhancements and although the attempt was a failure on one Nexu the group were able to salvage some cybernetically enhanced teeth from the other.

IT-3PO came out of hiding and claimed to have been protecting himself. When confronted about not answering his handheld communicator he claimed there must have been a lack of signal, something R2-C4 was certain not to be true.

At this point the group agreed to camp within a secure part of the ship for the night and continue their adventures in the morning….



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