Veloor Tessan

Chiss Bounty Hunter (Survivalist)


Veloor was abandoned and raised on the streets and walkways of the Smugglers moon of Nar Shaddaa. Adopted and cared for in her childhood by an elderly Togorian matriarch named Tessan, she learned to fight and rather than steal like many other street urchins Tessan imparted the honour of the hunt upon the young Chiss who sought and killed vermin for food. She swiftly became useful to the local denizens who hired her as a courier and pest exterminator. After the death of her adopted mother and mentor, Veloor took on Tessan as her second name and began to follow her own modified moral code mixing attributes from her parent and from the legendary Mandalorians whom she later became one of after making a name for herself as an honourable and successful big game and bounty hunter. The Nomadic tribe of Warriors became a surrogate family of sorts and she soon developed many contacts and underworld allies through them, although not all would prove trustworthy.

It was also through them she met Vex, a young brash red skinned Twi’lek woman whom she freed from slavery from the Spice mines on Kessel, much to the chagrin of her captors. The pair soon fell for each other forming a strong team. Vex, using the stolen contacts and information from her previous owners to her advantage now helps Veloor to secure bigger and more lucrative contracts and bounties. Their common goal is to grow in fame and prestige as the finest hunters of any kind in the galaxy. Securing them both wealth and prosperity for the future.

Despite a strong motivation for money and notoriety Veloor has a strong hate for slavery as it took such a toll on her partner. This is one of her few provisos and she is happy to kill for money as long as it is an honourable match. She does not prey on the weak or defenceless unless absolutely necessary. Her personal and generally secret goal is to keep Vex safe from harm which has proven difficult while living such a dangerous lifestyle, this has brought her much conflict over the years and she suspects it always will. For now her main priorities are to achieve greater glory as a hunter and build her reputation as someone who will take down the biggest and baddest the galaxy has to offer.

Despite her squalid upbringing she is well spoken and often eloquent when she does choose to speak. She prefers to hang back in a dark corner and will let others argue, then step in when a decisive point needs to be made. She has little patience with people and has a strait forward attitude. She also has many connections in the dark corners of the galaxy and will happily work for or with many different species, organisations and people.

Other Abilities
Veloor can speak several languages including: Galactic Basic, Huttese, Twi’leki. She also has a basic understanding of Shyriiwook (Wookie)

Veloor Tessan

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