Outer Rim Adventures

Welcome to The Wheel

Our heroes Kol-Blah, Loxus Vakallon, R2-C4, Racket Stump and Veloor Tessan find themselves in the offices of IsoTech aboard The Wheel. Each has been called by Reom for their reputation and expertise amongst underworld circles for a job that could change the fortunes of both themselves and IsoTech overnight.

The long lost separatist vessel The Sa Nalaor appears ready to surface and after some short negotiations Reom hands over the location and details of the ship and it’s suspected resting place, Cholganna at the end of the Perlemian Trade Route.

The group split up whilst awaiting the arrival of IT-3PO. Racket and Veloor headed to the local bar and attempted to gain some information about the Sa Nalaor and it’s history. Loxus and R2-C4 hacked into some information terminals and gained a wealth of information on the history of the Sa Nalaor and Cholganna. Kol-Blah head to the casino and won some credits before discovering that the YiYar Clan are also searching for the Sa Nalaor and attacking anybody else on the hunt.

The heroes regroup and quickly realise they are being followed by a pair of Rodians who are now waiting outside the entrance to the bar. Some quick negotiation with the bar tender allowed the group to leave through a rear exit where members of the ISB are searching for the Rodians, our group are quick to return to their vessel.

After waiting for a droid that enver arrives the group split, leaving Racket and R2-C4 to guard the ship whilst Veloor, Kol-Blah and Loxus return to IsoTech to find out what’s going on. They arrive in time to see a group of Rodians, including Yav Yiyar leaving with IT-3PO in tow.

Following a chase the Rodians are forced to flee and their ship takes flight whilst our heroes are left explaining the situation to the security patrols on The Wheel. Following some discussion the group are now ready to leave the Wheel and head towards Cholganna but it seems likely The Yiyar Clan and the ISB will not be too far behind.



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