The Wheel



The Wheel is an enormous, circular hub-and-spoke style space station located on the Perlemain Trade Route near the outer edge of the Mid Rim. It is the centre of an “Immunity sphere,” making its status under the Empire unique. Nominally, Imperial ships are not allowed at the station, and there is nor formal Imperial presence. This makes the Wheel a popular destination for anyone avoiding the gaze of the Empire. It is a hub of economic activity, above-board and below. It is also a major tourist destination, with popular casinos and entertainment zones.

Reality is more complicated. While publicly the station maintains a reputation of independence, the Wheel secretly pays the Empire a great deal in taxes in exchange for its apparent autonomy. Relatively recent events even saw a violation of the immunity sphere with the temporary deployment of Imperial stormtroopers in pursuit of some of the most wanted revels in the galaxy: Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbacca. Their presence proved highly disruptive, resulting in the death of the Wheel’s administrator , Senator Greyshade. Currently, a committee of station section chiefs is running the Wheel until a new administrator takes control. In spite of these events, the Wheel still functions normally thanks to its central computer system, called Master-Com.

With the Rebels gone, Imperial troops have withdrawn from the Wheel. The incursion has tarnished the station’s reputation as Empire-free, but it is recovering. However, the Empire has taken advantage of the incident to secretly increase the presence of Imperial Security Bureau agents and informants on board.

The Lack of Imperial customs agents and traditional starport controls draws visitors from across the galaxy. Smugglers, merchants, traders, and brokers of all types exchange wares outside of the normal tax and transportation laws. Illicit deals are as common as legitimate transactions. The station even serves as a neutral site for diplomatic negotiations between parties ranging from feuding planets and interstellar corporations to powerful criminal syndicates and individuals of all backgrounds.


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The Wheel

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